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21st Jan 2014Posted in: Beach Management Plans Comments Off on Run-up formula for shingle beaches
Run-up formula for shingle beaches

To provide a tool that aids the design of shingle beaches in Southeast England measurements of maximum wave run-up at high tide have been collected at different locations. The field data, together with buoy and tide gauge data from the Regional Coastal Monitoring programme, was then analysed and following the application of the data within a range of published run-up formula a new formula was developed. The data collection and formula development is documented in the enclosed report.

The new formula was implemented in two tools:

  1. A hindcast tool to retrospectively assess the predictive capability of the formula for an event with measured run-up. This tool works with the spectral wave data that can be copy and pasted from the CCO buoy network
  2. A forecast tool to assess any wave and water level conditions. The tool takes account of wind and swell waves and there are two options for entering wave information. This is suitable to use with JRP data for example which will become available for the Southeast earlier next year.

Both tools together with the report can be downloaded as a zip file here

Please send feedback on use of the tool and request for the background data to


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