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Peacehaven Capital Maintenance 31.05.12

Capital maintenance work on the Peacehaven coast defences (groynes 1-17) has been completed by Lewes District Council with grant in aid from the Environment Agency. Work started in April 2011 and was completed in October 2011. 

The original coast defences in this area are up to 35 years old and had been subject to considerable damage in an aggressive coastal environment. One of the challenges faced was that this stretch of the coast forms part of an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) important for its geological, botanical, and marine interest. A second challenge was that the promenade and beaches are popular with local residents. 

The works were carried out over a 2.3km stretch of the coastline, giving a new lease of life to the coast defences which protect a large number of cliff top homes and public open space in Peacehaven. 

Work is now in hand to examine options for groynes 18 and 19 slightly further to the east. 

For more information please contact Tim Bartlett by phone on 01273 484345, or alternatively by email:

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