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Latest News
  • Broomhill Sands Coastal Defence Scheme

    The start of Broomhill sands construction started in August 2014.  Team Van Oord will set up the compound from August 4th and the first delivery of rock for the revetment will arrive on the 14th August. June 2014 Broomhill Newsletter Start of works letter

  • Sandwich Town Tidal Defences

    The £21.7million flood defence scheme involves works on 16 individual reaches of the river and will reduce the risk oif tidal flooding to 488 homes and 94 commerical properties in Sandwich. The works on Sandwich Quay and behind Aynsley Court are now complete. Aug 2014 newsletter

  • Beach Response to Wave Conditions 2014

    A review of south coast beach response to wave conditions in the winter of 2013-2014 This report examines the regional beach erosion patterns and wave conditions arising during the winter, compared to previous years. Comparisons are also made with previously calculated extreme events, which are used to define standards of service, along the southeast coastline. […]

  • Deal Coastal Works Update 01.09.13

    The third part of the scheme is to build up the beach with 126,000m3 of shingle by pumping it onto the beach from an offshore dredger and spreading it across the beach using dumper trucks.  The material used contained a high proportion of fines which, combined with strong waves has caused the beach to cliff.  […]

  • Herne Bay 13.08.13

    The Coastal Defence Improvement Scheme was completed in July 2013.  This saw the construction of  3 new timber groynes, the raising of the existing sea wall and an extension to the old sea wall.  Flood gates were installed to ensure there are no gaps in the defence in the event of a storm. For further […]

  • Peacehaven Capital Maintenance 31.05.12

    Capital maintenance work on the Peacehaven coast defences (groynes 1-17) has been completed by Lewes District Council with grant in aid from the Environment Agency. Work started in April 2011 and was completed in October 2011. 

  • Herne Bay Breakwater Dredging 13.03.12

    The mud foreshore inside the Herne Bay Breakwater was dredged last week.  This was undertaken by Canterbury City Council and was completed on 09.03.2012

  • Herne Bay Recycling 13.03.12

    Beach recycling was undertaken along the Herne Bay frontage at Lane End and within the breakwater. The works are expected to be finished by mid-late March.

  • Coastal Works Sandwich 31.01.12

    The Pfizer Global research site and the neighbouring Sandwich Town have a low standard of flood protection with a 1 in 20 (5 per cent) chance of tidal flooding every year.  We developed a flood management scheme that protects the Pfizer site, 488 households in Sandwich and valuable infrastructure, such as the main coastal access […]

  • Dungeness Borrow Pit 30.01.12

    The Environment Agency and Dungeness B power station (part of EDF Energy) have recently submitted a joint planning application to continue to recycle shingle from the Dungeness Borrow Pit to protect the essential flood defences at the power station and the Broomhill and Denge frontages. Read More about the Environment Agency plans.

  • Whitstable Groynes 22.12.11

    The Whitstable groynes and beach recycling was completed on the 22nd December. The beach has been reopened to the public.

  • Whitstable Groynes 05.12.11

    The last groyne went in this week and beach recycling will begin on Monday. The project is scheduled to be completed by Friday 16th December

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