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Folkestone to Cliff End

The Environment Agency has undertaken a review of how to manage the coastline between Folkestone and Cliff End, with input from a number of organisations. The final Folkestone to Cliff End Flood and Erosion Management Strategy sets out the plan to manage flood and erosion risks along this coastline. The final strategy was approved by the Environment Agency, Rother District Council, and Shepway District Council. 

Through this strategy we have identified ways to protect over 20,000 residential and non residential properties that are at risk of flooding and erosion over the next 100 years. We propose to implement five priority schemes to complete the chain of defences within the strategy area. We also plan to continue maintaining the existing defences. Funding, however, is not guaranteed and we will seek contributions from key beneficiaries to increase the likelihood of these priority schemes being eligible for government funding.

Click to download the summary document for the Folkestone to Cliff End flood and erosion Management Strategy; also available to download on the Environment Agency website.

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