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EKEP Select List

Contractor Select List – Information and Instructions

The following documents set out the background and how to use the select lists for tendering purposes:

Brief Description of Proposed Select Lists and Types of Works

Tenderer Selection Process

Contractor’s Address Lists

Contractor Contact List

EKEP Random Select List

The select lists are maintained and updated by Canterbury City Council and you need to contact Canterbury CC whenever you wish to make use of the select lists. Canterbury CC will arrange the random selection part of the process, advise on the lowest tenderers on the last previous project of similar nature and also generally guide you through the process. It is important that once you have received tenders for your project and selected a contractor, you send to Canterbury CC your return tender list and selected contractor if not the lowest. It is obviously very important that if you incur significant problems with a particular contractor that you inform Canterbury CC accordingly so that the EKEP can consider whether or not that contractor should remain on the select lists.

The select lists are managed by:

Neil Jordan   01227 862453

Please contact Neil in the first instance if you intend to use the select lists.   


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