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Geotextile bags filled with beach material can provide a short term solution to beach loss. The installation of the bags as part of this project was funded by the South East Coastal Group with monitoring and reporting carried out by the Environment Agency.  Research proposal in 2016  Interim monitoring report June 2017  DEMs and orthophotos […]

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These photos show the capital maintenance works carried out by Lewes District Council in 2011. The works involved the re-encasement  of 17  concrete groynes and numerous reinforced concrete repairs to the sea wall which had been worn away by erosion.  

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Agenda 2015_12_10 Southern RFCC subcommitte minutes July 2015 – DRAFT Coastal Special Interest Group Coastal Group Chairs Agenda Nov 15 2012-France-Lessons-from-the-2010-floods-Xynthia-and-Var-s_eng1 State of the Nation Briefing_Final SECG Item 7 NCERM Updates Brief SECG Item 14  Geobag research proposal SECG Item 16  Proposal Form_coastal engagement_EHEBNH SECG Item 16 SECG Minutes- 10th December 2015 Items for RFCC […]

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Whitstable is a low lying area on the North Kent coast in the South East of England. Coastal defence is fundamental to protecting the highly populated town from flooding, as a predicted rise in sea level in this area is 1.05m over the next 100 years. Historically the beach frontage is of an erosive nature; […]

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SECG Minutes 12th June 2014 SECG Financial Statement – June 2014 National Update SECG agenda Stakeholder Forum – Notes of Meeting – 8 May 2014

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